• Halo G6 vs. Apollo Standard and Extreme Starter Kit
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    There are a lot of starter kits available in different company’s e-cigs. Halo and Apollo e cigs are two such e-cig companies who have starter kits of various facilities. Most importantly, Halo is very popular with its G6 starter kit. On the other hand, Apollo has few starter kits of its own. Standard starter kit and Extreme Starter kit are two of those. Not only in name, but also in case of using it there will be huge difference in performance provided by these starter kits.

    Halo G6 vs. Apollo Standard and Extreme Starter Kits
    Halo G6 is of Jet Black color with attractive and impressive outlook. The ultra-stylish design with LED light provides a grand looking e-cig. In case of other company’s e-cigs there will be some old designs with analogue designs and facilities. However, the G6 series of Halo are with rocking prices of starter kits with all latest performances and facilities. Most importantly they have broken the wall of traditional designs. You will have the choice of selecting from manual and automatic batteries of G6. The common facilities such as USB and wall charging options, cartomizer storage pack, case, etc. if you consider the vaporization of Halo G6, in one word it is really amazing. The multi-flavored e-liquids are available with all possible types. There are different batteries with different color options too. You may select from Soft pink, a bold Demon Red, a Deep Purple, the Classic White, the Titanium Color, etc. The flavors choice will be perfect enough with your suitable one because it will allow you to choose from around 30 unique flavors. IN addition, the cartomizers of G6 starter kit is refillable too. Therefore, you need not worry about the usages. On the other hand, Apollo with its standard kit is much updated in its features. If you want to get started with a smoke free like then it is going to be the best choice for you. The PCC, black or white magnet top box, both automatic and manual batteries, and disposable e-cigs are all appealing to the customers. However, the extreme kit which is more updated and more-featured will be a better choice for the advanced level users of e-cig starter kits. The battery life and overall performance of the extreme kit will certainly impress you. Most importantly, it will provide you with the best customization options in flavor, color, batteries, design, nicotine level, etc.

    Coupon Codes for Halo G6 and Apollo Standard Kit and Extreme Kit

    Halo G6 starter kit will cost you $44.95 in usual price. However, the 20% discount Halo cigs coupon will let you purchase the kit only for $35 or less. On the other hand, in case of both standard and extreme kits of Apollo you will get 25% discount in Apollo e cigs. However, the amount will be different as the price are different too.

  • Different Charging Options At Apollo Cigs, Halo Cigs and V2 Cigs
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    v2cigs chargers Different Charging Options At Apollo Cigs, Halo Cigs and V2 Cigs

    Oh batteries! They are probably the heart of your electronic cigarettes. They are the one that pretty much get everything going – heat the E-liquid to produce vapor an power the LED tip to mimic the real smoking experience. When it comes to batteries, we have Apollo cigs, Halo cigs and V2 cigs as our favorite brands. We are impress by this brand’s battery power that can produce really thick vapor and last longer than any other top brands in the market (we can vape for hours non-stop with their batteries). Furthermore, they don’t only have longer lasting batteries; they also have many different charging options so you will not feel limited. Here is a look at the different charging options of three of our favorite brands.

    The Wall Charger
    Probably the most basic option, the wall charger is an old reliable charger. It charges your battery via a wall outlet, and it requires electricity to power up. This is perfect option if you are charging from home because and as long as you know you’ve got a wall to charge from, you will be alright.

    The USB Charger
    In this modern days, charging from a USB outlet is a mainstay, almost everything has a USB charger option and E-cigarettes cant be left out. Use the USB charger to charge your E-cig batteries on your computers, laptop, tablet and anything that has a USB outlet. You just have to hook the charger and battery up and you’re good to go.

    The Car Adapter
    A Car charger is a smart thing to have. Why not take advantage of your vehicle’s power and charge your E-cigarette while you’re driving where you need to go right? This is perfect especially when you are travelling long distance. We know people loves to vape while they drive so your E-cig batteries may die down on you, and you can use your car charger to charge your battery in the car and start vaping again..

    The Personal Charging Case
    A personal charging case is definitely the best sellers in Halo cigs, V2 cigs and Apollo cigs and it is to no surprise. This charger needs to be in the arsenal of every vaper, because it does not only gives you the most freedom among all the charging options because it can charge your batteries wherever you are (it’s very handy and it can fit in your bag or pocket), but it also serves as a holder of your E-cig products protecting it from dirt and from accidentally slipping and breaking. To use it, you need to charge your PCC first at home before you went out. When fully charge, your PPC can charge more than 5 full E-cig batteries so there’s really no need to worry about your battery dying on you now.

    Power Cig – For V2 Cigs
    Something that sets V2 cigs apart from Halo cigs and Apollo cigs is the Power Cig. The power cig allows you to charge your E-cig batteries and while charging, you can still vape! Simply attached the power cig to a USB outlet and start vaping while the battery is charging. Perfect for those who are always in front of their computer and loves to vape all the time.

    Bonus: Coupon Codes For Your Batteries and Chargers

    When it comes to your e-cigarette batteries, you have to always stay on charge. Lucky for you, we will make it even easier by offering you these Apollo cigs coupons, Halo cigs coupons and V2 cigs coupons to help you get instant discounts. Whether you are planning to get a spare battery or a portable charging case you can get as much as 50% off using this. So take advantage of it today!

  • A Buyer’s Guide – Top 10 E-cigarette Brands
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    2014.01.10 ecigologist 061 A Buyer’s Guide   Top 10 E cigarette Brands

    Say goodbye to smelling like an ashtray! Say goodbye to thousands of hazardous chemicals! It’s time to finally quit cigarette smoking and switch to Electronic Cigarettes. But considering that the E-cigarette technology is still quite new, it would be hard to figure out which E-cigarette would be best for you. There are virtually new brands popping up every month, trying to get a fair share in the E-cigarette market that it would take research, posting to forums, asking questions around to know which E-cigarettes are the best. Luckily we are here to help you. We’ve done all the research work for you.

    Here are the top ten e-cigarette brands in the market. We feel that these brands are the top brands and we can strongly endorse that these companies make fine products.

    #10 Apollo – Apollo is one of those specialized brand that was launched by a group of technicians and chemists that is why you are sure to get high quality products. The brand’s batteries and atomizers last longer than the other brands and this is what makes them special. Apollo cigs may just be at the Top 10 but when you use these Apollo ecigs coupons you’ll probably put them at the Top 3 because of so much savings you can get.

    #9 Vaporzone – Vaporzone is one of the newest E-cigarette brands around and we can say that it is truly the next level in the E-cig technology. If you’re tired of the standard e-cigs you see elsewhere, you will find what you’re looking for at VaporZone. They have a unique and powerful design that looks like NASA-made stuff and their flavors are just out of the world too. It is also worth nothing that Vaporzone have the same parent company as two other popular E-cigarette brand – South Beach Smoke and Ever Smoke – so you are sure that there is credibility here too.

    #8 Eversmoke – is a fairly new brand but the product quality would not disappoint you. They have delicious flavor cartridges, lots of vapor and a strong battery life which can last up to three days. They also have a huge variety of kits that gives something for everyone, no matter what your budget is.

    #7 Vapor Couture – when it seems like the whole electronic cigarette world is gear towards men, Vapor Couture came to the rescue and started the first brand exclusively for all the Women out there. The designs are so feminine you can even match your E-cigarette to your outfit. The flavors are smooth and wild and just perfect for ladies. Vapor Couture is a sister company of a famous e-cig brand called V2 Cigs.

    #6 Halo – Halo is one of the best E-cig quality brands around. It offers two lines of E-cigarettes. The Halo G6 which is the type that looks like ordinary E-cigarettes around. And the triton tanks which is a bigger more powerful E-cigarette version, perfect for serial smokers. Halo is the only brand, which uses chemicals approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). So it is the safest quality of e-cigar as it poses no health risks. They are one of the few E-cigarette brands that offer refill liquids making it more affordable to refill cartridges. Furthermore, they also giveaway Halo cigs coupons to make their prices even more affordable.

    #5 Bull Smoke – Bullsmoke’s marketing efforts are genius, providing a very tough cowboy exterior. The tag line at Bull Smoke is “More Vapor. No Bull.” And they meant every word they say. Bull smoke offers huge throat hits, great flavors and the battery life is strong. If anyone wants to compare the quality of Bullsmoke E-cigarettes to other brand in the market, it can compete with even the best brand around which is V2. And there’s more, their starter kit prices are the lowest there is ever. At just $29.95 you will not find a price this low with quality so high anywhere else.

    #4 South Beach Smoke – South beach is one of the most highly rated E-cigarette brand across many consumer review sites because of it great quality, nice flavor selection and super cool E-cigarette design style. Their charging case is also a very cool little gadget with some LED lights for you tech geeks, and excellent battery life! It is also important to mention that all South Beach Smoke products are with a 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty on Ecigs part. There are only a few E-cigarette brands who offer this kind of assurance.

    Now here’s our Top 3 E-cig brands

    2014.01.10 ecigologist 081 A Buyer’s Guide   Top 10 E cigarette Brands

    Green Smoke

    When it comes to vapor strength, Green Smoke is the most popular brand around. Their thick vapor strength lets you have that same feeling you’ll get from smoking traditional cigarettes. They have wide range of flavored cartridges. The tobacco, marl, and cinnamon are the best sellers which totally replicate the taste of the traditional cigarettes. They also provide cool accessories such as the USB e-cig. Their price maybe a little high than the others but this is because the quality is incomparable. Plus if you’ll use these Green Smoke from DealoMetry.com you’ll get to save as much as 25% in your purchases.

    2014.01.10 ecigologist 003 A Buyer’s Guide   Top 10 E cigarette Brands

    Blu cigs

    Blu cigs is probably the most popular E-cigarette brand around that whenever one bring up electronic cigarettes to people who aren’t really users of it, they often think of Blu cigs. Blue cigs has the biggest media presence of any of the brands out there, with numerous television commercials and celebrity endorsers, and they also probably have the biggest brick-and-mortar retail presence of any brand, often found at Walgreens, gas stations and convenience stores. These prove that Blu cigs is just about everywhere and it would be easy to buy more Blu cigs products anywhere you want. Blucigs have high quality products and one of the best flavors out there (made by famous American juicer Johnson Creek). Their trademark Blu colored tip is a certified attention grabber and its new social feature (where your Blu cigs and Blu cigs packs will vibrate every time another Blu cig user is around 50 meters) is perfect to meet new friends and fellow Blu cigs users. Blu cigs is the perfect brand for the entry in the E-cigarette world. Their starter kits will have everything you need to get started so get them today with this 5% off Blu cigs coupons on starter kits.

    v2 cigs review 17 A Buyer’s Guide   Top 10 E cigarette Brands

    V2 cigs

    V2 Cigs is one of the biggest boys in the E-cigarette market and it is our top rated electronic cigarette brand. Because they do everything right. They have the best quality of electronic cigarettes for a very affordable price. If you are looking for something that is really as close as a real cigarette is, then V2 ecigs is the one you’ve been looking for. Their V2 red flavors taste like real Marlboro Red and their V2 Congress taste like Parliamentary cigarettes. Let us enumerate the other reasons why we love V2 cigs:

    – They have full-time engineers who help design and perfect V2 products. They have rigorous safety standards and quality controls, testing everything in their impressive quality control lab.
    – They offer lots of rewards via referral incentives and V2 cigs coupon codes discount.
    – Tons and tons of extra options for accessories such as mini tanks and very sleek portable charging cases, different types of batties, color options and you can customize starter kits.
    – They have great support system to help you fast in any queries you have. They also have a very informative website to answer FAQ.
    – Their e-cigarette designs are super sleek and stylish.

    There are numbers of competitive electronic cigarette brands in the market, but we suggest everyone to stick with our top 10 choice as with them, you’ll never go wrong. Most of these brands even offer discounts and coupons at every buy so you can even be saving more money. Stick with only the best E-cigarette brands around!

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